GOLD have announced they will be releasing their new album ‘No Image’ via Ván Records on October 24 2015 (and on November 6, via Profound Lore in North America).

Hailing from The Netherlands, GOLD is a dark rock, post-everything five piece band and was initially conceived in 2011 by guitarist Thomas Sciarone (ex-The Devil’s Blood) and vocalist Milena Eva. Their mission statement was to play a distinct form of heavy rock as a monument to civilization’s decline. With a vocalist named after Franz Kafka’s lover, it may come as no surprise that GOLD’s unique output deals with solitude, love and absence of prospect.

Their debut album’ Interbellum’ showed the promise from this unique band through its many riffs, hooks, and most notably, Milena’s unique and distinct vocal delivery.

Embracing even more the roots of dark/death rock, noisy loud indie-rock, experimental music, and post punk respectively, “No Image” is more raw, heavier, and much darker expression than the debut, and at the same time one more enchanting, addictive, and seductive.

‘No Image’ Tracklisting:

1. Servant
2. Old Habits
3. O.D.I.R
4. Shapeless
5. Tar and Feather
6. The Controller
7. The Waves
8. And I Know Now
9. Don’t
10. Taste Me