Klee Shade

klee shade have released their latest single ‘Beg For Rain’ via Tape Records.

This slow jammer of a song sits upon primitive, pounding drums and bass, and is headed by rich, articulate guitar harmonies and melodies. The down-played vocals course through the gaps to act as the spinal structure of the composition, allowing the rhythm section to pulse in the chest and the intertwining guitar harmonies to play about within the ear canals. This all culminates into a showstopper of a finale section, which is sincerely unlike any arrangement of guitar parts I know of – it is to be heard to be understood for its full uniqueness and scale. klee shade’s first single. Turn it up, tune out. ‘Take it slow, settle in for the ride.’

klee shade is some music from a guy with stuff. An ever curious fan of rock, hiphop, the loud, the soft, the angry, the happy, the constructive and the destructive. A self taught multi-instrumentalist, a poor audio production ex- student and an avid studier of all things that lie between a song being written and a song being enjoyed on an international scale.