Berlin Blue

Sydney-based indie rock band Berlin Blue have released a new single ‘Used To Know’.

The recent release of their eponymous debut EP showcases the band’s lead single ‘Used to Know’ – a guitar-oriented track that revels in its sing-a-long hooks and pulsating rhythms, the perfect way to introduce one of the newest bands on the scene. At first listen the song shows its true indie-rock heritage, thanks in no small part to its upbeat tempo and crunchy tone. Any thoughts of imitation are quickly abandoned, with the song’s ear- burningly catchy guitar riff demanding immediate attention and carrying through with the band’s pounding rhythms. Along with all this, Berlin Blue also manage to instil their sense of sarcasm and refined irreverence in the track, a rare accomplishment for any band.

‘Used to Know’ is about the deterioration of a friendship between two people who used to be very close, but who now barely know each other. “It’s kind of a breakup song” says songwriter Alex Toh, “it’s about someone who used to be very close to my heart, but for many reasons, who I now barely know. It’s about lamenting the loss of that friendship yet coming to terms with how things turned out.”