Pulo Reve

St. Albans progressive post-hardcore outfit Pulo Revé have announced that their debut album ‘É’ will be released on 22nd September.

The band have also revealed the video for ‘Beautiful’ – the last track to be taken from ‘The ÉP’ which is out now and available to download for free at http://www.puloreve.com

The video itself started out as a visual projection to accompany their live set, but when the band saw the performance that actress Jo gave and the camera work that director George devised throughout the shoot – not to mention the fact that the whole video is natural, improvised, and done in one take – they realised it was the perfect accompaniment to the track.

A quintet of friends who have been playing music with one another since they were very young, this band are unlike any you’ve ever heard before. Thoughtful, socially aware and with a clear message, the band are focused on providing an emotive depth both sonically and aesthetically that is sorely missing in the majority of modern alternative music. Fusing elements of hardcore, early punk, jazz and even classical, they have as much in common with The Mars Volta and Thursday as they do with The Dillinger Escape Plan or Letlive, with the potential to be one of the most compelling and unique bands to emerge from the underground in quite some time.