Joykill Collective

Joykill Collective have released their latest single ‘Battle Cry’.

With an anthemic sound to the track, it builds up in pace from a more delicate intro, as the guitars crash into the song and a massive chorus rises from a melodic verse. With their rock sound, there a subtle nods to grunge and alternative influences and lyrics that give a feeling of intensity, to produce an excellent single.

Joykill Collective was forged in the attic of an artistic commune in Northampton. Initially as a solo project, Leif hit upon the idea of gathering together talented friends in various mediums. The project grew to include local musicians, writers, poets and filmmakers, many of whom lived and worked in the same commune as they slowly tried to make their way as artists in 21st century Britain.

The band are currently gaining inspiration exploring roads less travelled in Kazakhstan, China and Morocco, but are releasing their debut single back in the UK, due to the devastating political situation that is fast developing. This song is ‘Battle Cry’.