Paranoid Visions

Paranoid Visions have released their new album ‘Cryptic Cross Words’ via Underground Records.

‘Cryptic Cross Words’ is the 5th album that Paranoid Visions have released since their 2006 reboot. Add to this the multitude of singles and a myriad of historical re-releases and compilations and it becomes clear that Paranoid Visions are a band who are not content to sit back and relax or attempt to trade on past glories. Indeed founder members Deko and P.A are of the opinion that there are no past glories with the recent releases being more reflective of what the band were about in the first place. ‘Cryptic Cross Words’, a culmination of a year’s recording and writing is an attempt to craft a specific album with a specific modus operandi.

The album, as well as the CD version is also available as an aesthetically beautiful white vinyl LP with free CD and 16 page booklet which includes a real cryptic cross word and word search on the sleeve (hint…the answers may all be song titles!)

Paranoid Visions formed in Dublin in 1981 and are Eire’s longest-running punk band and attempts to re-educate MOR music fans upped the ante when 5000 flexidiscs were shipped to 50 different co-conspiritors around the USA, Europe and the UK for random insertion into LP’s by artistically challenged bands like U2, Nickelback, Kanye West and many other offensive creatures. The band had discussed spamming U2 with their new album but felt that the were beyond redemption, whereas the poor misguided fools who buy music like this may have hope.

The track ‘Across the Holocausts’ from the ‘Cryptic Cross Words’ album is politically aggressive and draws parallels with nazi Germany and the recent events in the Ukraine. “Flexis are amazing…. old school, fun, cheap and aesthetically beautiful, we were delighted to recruit personell with similar agendas who were willing to enter record shops for reverse shop lifting” Meanwhile the official release of the flexi (with a downloadon Ltd edition clear vinyl) is only available on

‘Cryptic Cross Words’ Track Listing:

The Angelus (at 6pm)
Anagram Sam
Across the Holocausts
Murder Most Foul
When Anger Turns To Rage
Paranoid visions
Mutant Circus
Love Letters
Ba-nama Republic