A Process Of

Melbourne based A Process Of have released their latest single ‘Black Rose’.

‘Black Rose’ is the blistering debut single to be released from A Process Of’s latest LP. Written by Pete during some downtime between jobs, the song resulted from a couple of late nights and a punk rock obsession. Pete explains, “Black Rose is an analogy about wanting something and doing anything and everything in your power to get that something. In this case I’ve set the scene of a dark & sinister love song. Whenever I write I use metaphors that assist in painting a mental picture. I actually want to encourage the listener to manifest their own interpretation of the song”.

Since 2003 Dave Altheim, Brad Mackenzie, Craig ‘Buddha’ Stephens and Pete J. Alexander have been electrifying both listeners & audiences nationally under the moniker of A Process Of. Their name pays homage to nineties hardcore-crossover outfit ‘Turmoil’ and their 1999 album entitled ‘The Process Of’. A Process Of precariously balance somewhere between Punk, Rock, Metal and Hardcore. From the very beginning they’ve refused to be defined by lazy clichés and simplified catchphrases. Twelve years, four releases and countless live shows later A Process Of has successfully melded genres whilst retaining solid song writing continuity. Their latest self- titled LP is a powerfully intense & anthemic rock offering projecting the four piece to new creative heights.