Before The Flood

Canadian roots rock group Before The Flood have released their sophomore album ‘Hole in the Sky’.

Before the Flood’s 2nd LP is heavy on vocal harmonies, layered strings and deep percussion and bass. Electronic elements and synths add to the rich, and at other times ethereal soundscapes BTF creates through a long-awaited and eclectic 14 song journey.

BTF’s style and performances are constantly evolving but they continue to draw comparisons to Wilco, The Shins, The Weakerthans & Skydiggers.

The artwork for the new album has a vintage 3D theme complete with 3D glasses. “The 3D imagery used on our album explores the need to see things from different perspectives,” vocalist and guitarist Steve Davis explains, “and how perceptions change through different lenses. It also speaks to the fullness and many dimensions of our music.”

‘Hole In The Sky’ is available now from iTunes.