The Zero Point Field

The Zero Point Field have released their debut eponymous EP.

The London based 4 piece are a progressive rock instrumental band and their cited influences of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis and Yes can be heard throughout the 6 tracks. With a blues-infused jam on the opening track ‘The Great Year’, the EP moves into a more progressive sound on ‘The Chariot Of The Flower’ as samples flow over a grooving tone. With a psychedelic sounding keyboard that at times wanders into a slight jazz vibe, the guitars and rhythms complimenting a lighter touch. This fusion of sound again expresses itself on ‘Purple Black Hole’ which adds in a more funky vibe, before ‘Moon Eclipse’ brings a space rock style to the track, with a drumbeat that is the backbone to this ethereal soundscape.

The Zero Point Field have been playing together since late 2014, and their music is based on rhythms and groves, 70’s funk, 80’s fusion, psychedelic soundscapes and leaves plenty of space for improvisation for everyone.

The EP is available from their bandcamp page as a digital download

The Zero Point Field are:

Cyril Meleiro (guitar)
Mattia Biondi (bass)
Francesco Azzariti (drums)
Jan Valendin (keys)

‘The Zero Point Field’ Tracklisting:

1. The Great Year
2.The Chariot Of Flower
3. Black Tear
4. Purple Black Hole
5. Moon Eclipse
6. (Ice Fishing On) Ganymede