Space Renegades

Helsinki cosmic garage pioneers Space Renegades have released their debut album ‘Summer Destroyer’ via Subartic Recordings.

Scandinavian weirdness for all crate diggers, truth seekers, young lovers and psychedelic geeks. The music is wild, yet romantic, mix of vintage sci-fi-soundtracks and adventurous garage rock. Musical style has been referred to Flaming Lips, Supergrass and even Led Zeppelin. But mostly it’s about lasers, sex and revolution.

Although Space Renegades is a brand new band, the musicians have played for years in many groups from black metal to indie-folk and punk.

The first single to be released from the album is the groovy but edgy opening song ‘Thumbsucker’. The video was improvised by abusing skateboards and going mad at some commune. There’s also special scenery from Helsinki, that tour guides wouldn’t show you.

The members’ previous bands have played a wide range from black metal to indie-folk and punk such as: Daniel Lioneye, Atletico Kumpula, Ihmepoika, Enochian Crescent, Moi!, Teenage Lesbians, Let’s Eat Them etc. This is the outcome, the final bastard. The musicians, old friends from school years, make also the videos and album covers themselves. Album has been carefully crafted with vintage gear and minimal use of software and digital gimmics.