Labasheeda have released a new 12 track album ‘Changing Lights’.

Labasheeda are an art-punk band from Amsterdam based around singer/guitarist/violin player Saskia van der Giessen and guitarist Arne Wolfswinkel. A driven act whose sound blends poppy melodies with bursts of distorted violin, melancholic female vocals and wire wool guitar dissonance juxtaposed with intense drumming.

Since they were formed in 2004, Labasheeda have built up a strong cult following from their unrelenting touring and recording schedule. Tours across Europe and Canada are where the band really holds their own, delivering intense and energetic performances.

With growling, dynamic music, Labasheeda make intelligent but not emotionless, angular rock music; it’s a brooding sound with touchstones in the post rock (some gorgeous violin playing in parts) and post-hardcore camps. Singer Saskia van der giessen has forlorn almost-romantic vocals which sound all the more sharp set to a back ground of foreboding guitar chimes, and each track on the album offers up a soundscape that is light and shade throughout.

‘Changing Lights’ is available via their bandcamp page in digital format as well as a blue vinyl option.

‘Changing Lights’ Track Listing

1. Spiral Song
2. My Instincts
3. Head
4. On the Beach
5. Wasteland
6. Changing Lights
7. Tightrope
8. Leave of Absence
9. Circles
10. Fifty-Nine
11 .Cold Water
12. Into the Wide