Vault Holiday

Guildford based 3 piece Vault Holiday have just released their self-titled 4 track EP.

The 4 tracks on the EP are full of immense sounding guitars, whilst the vocals power their way through the songs. The opening track ‘Heard You Right’ has a fast pace to it and huge sounding rhythm section, as the vocals melodically flow through the song. ‘It’s Wally, Not Waldo’ has a slightly punk undercurrent to it, as well as a rock influence, along with a crunchy sounding guitar. ‘Glossophobia’ starts with a more delicate vocal before the guitars crash into the track along with a massive sounding chorus, and the entire four tracks on the EP have a fresh and exciting sound to them.

Vault Holiday may well be of dubious parentage according to the band bio , but one thing is for certain, they are going to grow into something very much of their own making and will be a band to look out for in the future. and
Twitter @VaultHoliday

‘Vault Holiday’ Track Listing:
1. Heard You Right
2. It’s Wally, Not Waldo
3. Glossophobia
4. I Can’t Afford To Leave You