Shiny Darkly

Copenhagen’s Shiny Darkly have released their debut album ‘Little Earth’. The album is available to purchase now via iTunes and their label Crunchy Frog.

Building on the raw, punky energy of Shiny Darkly’s first EP’s,’ Little Earth’ breaks new land as the band ventures into a sonic landscape of more expansive and atmospheric textures. Thus, the album moves between organic noisy post punk melodies and epic ballads. It is simultaneously melodic, chaotic and frayed at the edges, evoking a rare blend of icy ferocity and high octane sex appeal.

The album is nine ice-cool tracks that recall their contemporaries Iceage, if they’d studied Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen instead of Minor Threat. Despite the clear 80s influence, there is a dark intensity and pop-smarts to the band, as recent single ‘Soft Skin’ has shown.

Shiny Darkly are Kristoffer Bech (vocals and guitar), Mads Lassen (drums) and Oliver Matthew Volz (bass guitar). These three fine, young gentlemen, still in their early twenties, have played at SxSW, CMW, Roskilde Festival, Iceland Airwaves, Reeperbahn, Eurosonic, Liverpool Sound City and The Great Escape, plus a multitude of venues, injecting their haunting sound into the dark heart of the new wave of Nordic Noir music.
Twitter: @ShinyDarkly