Sleeping Orchard

London based Sleeping Orchard have released their self-titled album at the beginning of June.

The 2 piece band have already released a number of EP’s since forming in 2013, but the band are back with a 9 track album that builds on their previous musical offerings. With a delightful fuzzy garage rock sound throughout, it is hard to believe it is just the guitars of Will McKay and drums of Ash Lowe, as it has a much richer sound to the songs than just that of a duo.

From the textured melodies of ‘Television Shows’ with the deep set and gravelly vocals, ‘Relief’ with an intriguing contrast of a light-hearted melody with an accompanying darker fuzz, to the infectious ‘I’m going To Be The One’, the tracks leave an impression from the outset. ‘I Know’ is a killer of a track as it thumps its way through a melodic beat, whilst final track ‘Spring Loaded Safety Cone (Dumb Dumb)’ grooves its way through a darker sounding melody. With a slightly psychedelic vibe throughout, this is definitely one of those albums you need to check out.

The new album is available from their band camp page in digital download format.

‘Sleeping Orchard’ Track Listing:

1.Television Shows
2. Relief
3. I Went To Los Angeles Once
4. I’m Gonna Be The One
5. Flying High
6. I Know
7. It’s All Going To Hell
8. There Ain’t Much Worse Than Robot Sodomy
9. Spring Loaded Safety Cone (Dumb Dumb)