Heartbreak Remedy

Cumbrian rock band Heartbreak Remedy are set to release their debut album ‘Midnight Groove’ in September and has already been given rave reviews.

From the opening track ‘Convoy’ the band set out to capture their own take on what their music of “’Groove and Blues, Love and Lust, Break Ups and Make ups” is all about. Taking no prisoners from the outset, the killer riffs explode along with a pure adrenaline rush of rock and roll. Heavy, dirty, unashamed rock with grooving melodies, ‘Cocked And Loaded’ takes aim and hits the target with a delicious guitar riff whilst ‘Tell Me Why’ has a bluesy sound to it with a filthy rhythm. ‘Girl At The Bar’ has a pulsating bass line as well as stellar guitars, the entire album manages to delight with every song and has you reaching for the volume button as this needs to be played way past 11. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, this is life according to Heartbreak Remedy and ‘Rose’ is their homage to the power ballad as the vocals soar, dragging you into the song and is surely one of those classics. This is an album that excites from the very first listen and has a passion surrounding the delivery of each song to make it one of the albums you need to have on its release. ‘Thrill Me. Kill Me’ certainly has the thrills element to it with an infectious rhythm, whilst ‘Ice Queen’ has an almost funky sound to it as a hypnotic beat pummels through the song. This is 13 tracks of unadulterated rock and will bring their excellent sound to the ears of a lot more people.

Heartbreak Remedy is set to release the new album ‘Midnight Groove’ on 11 September.

Having formed in early 2013, on the back of a drunken night out discussing music and ideas, the motivation for Heartbreak Remedy was ignited. Two years later, and since then have released 2 Eps. With extensive touring alongside The Paul Raymond Project, Hardcore Superstar, The Quireboys, Sister, Stop Stop, The Burning Crows among others Hard Rock Hell United in March 2015 and as a result of that success, were then asked to play at the Hard Rock Hell Road Trip in Ibiza May 2015 on the back of that gig.

Heartbreak Remedy are:

Matty Penn – Vocals & Bass
Callum Glynn – Lead Guitar
Luke Blair – Rhythm Guitar
Stephen Jackson – Drums