The Bats Pyjamas

Toronto based The Bats Pyjamas have released a new album ‘No Hello’.

The 9 track album is a schizophrenic sound of fuzz, rock which can be almost industrial at times, with dark, almost satanic vocals which are brutal in places. Recorded onto tape in just a few days, it retains a sense of an independent spirit not confined by genres or popularity and is a refreshing change from some polished and sterile releases. Definitely not one for delicate ears or those that like their music to be fluffy sounding. The entire album has an intensity to it, which is enhanced by the distortion throughout.

The new album is available as a digital download from their bandcamp page. A limited edition cassette version can be purchased from Fleeting Youth Records :

‘No Hello’ Track Listing:

1. Feel Like Shit
2. Witch Way
3. T.V. Sheets
4. Fibres
5 This Aint No
6. Sky Hooker
7. Yr Porno
8. Wrong House
9. You And Me Both