Straight Line Stitch

Metal / Hard Rock Straight Line Stitch from Knoxville, TN will be releasing their new EP ‘Transparency’ on 30 June via Pavement Entertainment.

Straight Line Stitch has been steadily ascending the ranks of metal and hard rock through authentic and impassioned performances, an organic evolution of their writing and recording, and a tried and true road warrior mentality towards touring.

The SLS sound is commanding and universal, engaging casual fans of hard rock and satiating the most stringent fans of metal. The tenacious musicianship is on full display upon first listen, quickly establishing the virtue of the players. The balance between aggressive punch and highly charged hook goes a long way to explaining the wide and diverse range of devoted SLS loyalists. Throughout their songs, Alexis navigates a seamless shift from harrowing screams to heartfelt melody that adds depth and sincerity to their music.

Straight Line Stitch are:

Alexis Brown – Vocals
Darren McClelland – Bass
Jason White – Guitar
Jackie Bergjans – Guitar

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