The Burning Crows

The Burning Crows will be releasing their second album ‘Murder At The Gin House’ on 3rd August. For those fans who put their money (and faith) in a follow up to ‘Behind The Veil’, they were rewarded with an early release via the Pledge Music campaign that funded the album.

Although you are treated to almost a minute of an atmospheric intro, The Burning Crows are just teasing, as ‘Hell To Pay’ explodes into supersized riffs and singer Whippz is sounding on excellent form, with an edge to his vocals that suit the style of the songs through the entire album. This continues through ‘Come On’ which has a ballsy style to it, before the single ‘Shine’ pretty much ravishes you with its highly catchy riffs.

With Will and Chris providing a formidable rhythm and Lance providing impressive hooks, songs such as ‘Alright’ sound immense. There is a magical quality to all the tracks and the 2 years between albums is more than worth the wait and each song shows a maturity in the writing, with a clever play on words and the ability to tell it how it is. Rocking its way through ’11:37’, this song flips you the middle finger in true rock and roll style, continuing on ‘Little Bit More’ and ‘Feels Like Home’, both with their power chords and each with a massive sounding chorus.

‘Goodbye (To The Sunshine)’ is one of the big power ballads on the album and you can imagine lighters being held aloft and arms swaying as a more delicate sound washes over you. Not stopping at just one, final track ‘Holding On’ again softens the tone and this song is all about the harmonies, once the hypnotic beat gives way to a lush and intricate melody.

There is a sense of power throughout the album and although it sounds polished in terms of an excellent production, it still retains the raw energy The Burning Crows have in a live environment. The album has a universal appeal across all the songs and although there is a sense of tradition with a classic rock sound as a core foundation, the band have brought their sound kicking and screaming into the here and now.

The hottest record of the year? Yeah we’ll allow them that accolade as they are on fire with ‘Murder In The Gin House’.

The album is available to pre-order from their website.

‘Murder At The Gin House’ Track Listing:

1. Hell To Pay
2. Come On
3. Shine
4. Alright
5. Goodbye (To The Sunshine)
6. 11:37
7. Little Bit More
8. She’s The Summertime
9. Feels Like Home
10. Holding On