Dead Shed Jokers

Welsh rockers Dead Shed Jokers will be releasing their second self-titled album on 13th April via Pity My Brain Records.

Having had the single ‘Memories Of Mr Bryant’ featured on the cover mount CD of Classic Rock Magazine and were handed the moniker “the Sound Of 2015, as well as radio plays and favourable press, Dead Shed Jokers have certainly followed up with an excellent second album.

From the opening fuzzy riffs of ‘Dafydd’s Song’ with its slightly stoner sound, the album makes a bold statement from the very beginning, as the melodies swirl around the heavy guitars. With dark sounding vocals on ‘Delay In The Morning’, this is a contrast of styles that works really well as it moves on to a slower intro with ‘A Cautionary Tale,’ before it crashes into a wall of sound with powerful vocals over a delicious guitar riff. The album again changes pace with the catchy ‘Memoirs Of Mr Bryant’ before the heavy beat of ‘Made In Vietnam’ matches the harsh lyrics. What really stands out with the album is its growth in force as ‘Love Is Diseased’ and ‘Rapture Riddles’ increase in pace and power before the final track ‘Exit Stage Left (Applause)’ again has the ability to surprise with its stripped back sound, with the vocals taking centre stage on this song. It’s hard to define any one style for the album and this is what makes it a delight to listen to.

To coincide with the launch of the new album , the band are playing a number of dates in the UK, which starts this week:

Apr 03 The Dragonffli, Pontypool
Apr 04 The Good Ship, London
Apr 05 The Doghouse, Nottingham
Apr 10 The North Wales Inn, Rhyl
Apr 11 Ye Olde Foundry, Dudley
Apr 25 Focus Wales, Wrexham

May 03 Red Sun Festival, Cardiff
May 22 Corporation, Sheffield

The album is available to pre-order from their webstore:

Dead Shed Jokers Online:
Twitter: @deadshedjokers

Pity My Brain Online:
Twitter: @pitymybrain

‘Dead Shed Jokers’ Track Listing:

1. Dafydd’s Song
2. Delay The Morning
3. A Cautionary Tale
4. Memoirs of Mr Bryant
5. Made In Vietnam
6. Love Is Diseased
7. Rapture Riddles
8. Exit Stage Left (Applause)