The Sherlocks


In 1994 a relatively unknown Oasis graced the stage at The Joiners. 21 years later Yorkshire band The Sherlocks have made their first visit down south, and with the buzz this band have been creating, could this be history repeating itself.

First band of the night was The Arrivals, taking to the stage with their own incense that slowly drifted across the venue. The four piece played a great set, starting off with ‘Work It Out’ as the guitars melodically played behind great vocals. Upbeat throughout, the band had the crowd dancing to them from the very first song. ‘Sleeves’ with its almost funky sounding bass line was a popular song, and telling the crowd to indulge themselves in the incense, some of their songs had an almost psychedelic style to them. ‘Growler’ which is from their latest EP, had another upbeat and catchy sound to the song, with high pitched guitars behind melodic vocals before launching into ‘It’s All A Bit Of Fun’. Asking the crowd to listen to the EP and then download it to pay for Nathan’s glasses, new song ‘Breaking It In Still’ went down well with the crowd, with its light guitars set against a heavier rhythm and once again picked up the pace. Ending their set with riff-driven guitars, The Arrivals had played a great opening set that the crowd very much enjoyed.

The second local band of the evening were another four piece, The Costellos who were playing to a home town crowd. With an almost retro 60’s feel to their set at times, ‘When The Sun Comes’ was more of that upbeat sound with catchy hooks and a pounding drum beat, before continuing their infectious songs with an old track ‘Up The Game’ which was fast paced guitars over a darker sounding vocal. Checking that the crowd were having a good time, which they clearly were, ‘All In Time’ from their debut EP was another great sounding song, with the singer doing a few rock like jumps during the track. ‘Down For the Weekend’ had more of that retro sound with an addictive sounding guitar and heavy beat, which brought a number of cheers from the crowd and their new single ‘Bring Your Love Down’ was another popular song choice as it rose into a crescendo of sound. However it was their excellent cover of the Rolling Stones song ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ that really got the crowd dancing and singing along before ending what had been another great set from the band with ‘Shine Away’, as The Costellos once again finished the song with a mash of guitars.

The Sherlocks had been a hotly anticipated band to see, and they didn’t disappoint a packed out venue. Bringing with them a slightly heavier tone to the evening, their songs had a slightly more deeper sound in an indie rock style than the previous two bands. Opening with ’You’ve Made A Mistake’, the band had the crowd clapping and dancing along from the outset. With singer Kiaran telling the crowd “Southampton, this is where the gig starts” the heavier sounding ‘Motions’ with its thumping beat had the crowd bouncing along to it, as the excellent vocals and harmonies rang out around the room. Keeping up the pace, ‘Take Control’ with the guitars reverberating around the venue and with the great harmonies, still had the crowd dancing along as a mosh pit started to form, before their first single ‘Live For The Moment’ had the crowd erupting in delight to its catchy beat and they clapped along to it throughout. Their new song ‘Leave Me Alone’ with its pounding beat was almost frenetic at times as the vocals soared over a heavy rhythm. The crowd careered off each other in the ever growing mosh pit as people climbed on shoulders, clearly delighted the band had made it down south. Getting the crowd to come closer to the stage, there were times the band seemed a little bewildered by such an exuberant reaction to their songs, noting that the mosh pit was “a little bit crazy like it was a Slipknot gig or something”, but we certainly know how to have a good time down here in the south. This was a set packed with their excellent songs, which barely paused for a break, launching into tracks such as ‘Was It Really Worth It’ and ‘Get Up’. With a more rock sound to the song ‘Club Foot’, the band were sounding on fire in the venue as a seething mass of bodies bounced off each other to this electrifying set. Dedicating their last song to one of their fans, it was left to another popular song ‘Chasing Shadows’ to end what had been an excellent set. With the mosh pit rippling out across the entire front of the crowd, and with everyone there dancing and clapping along to this song, the band left the stage to a single guitar note still playing.

It may have been the first trip down south for The Sherlocks but going by the reaction of the crowd there, it had been a massive success. With such a brilliant set from them, it may very well be history in the making for a new generation.