Saints Of Sin


It was Friday night, it was the weekend and time for everyone to let down their hair down and party when Saints Of Sin returned to the Joiners for their two year ‘Sinnerversary’ show.

Into Dawn took to the stage first and this four piece were off to a great start with their opening song ‘Never Back Down’. The band knew how to rock and it was an excellent start to the evening. Picking up the pace with their second song ‘Dreamer’ with its heavier guitar riffs, great sounding vocals and harmonies with a more grungier sound, their set was getting a good reaction from the crowd. Getting the crowd to reply with “fuck yeah” after asking if everyone was looking for a good time, this carried on from a few people in the crowd for the rest of the night and came back to haunt the guitarist who had started it, as he was given a lesson in how to swear properly. But it was all taken in good humour as they continued to play tune after tune of great sounding songs, with the 5 string bass giving all of them a heavy tone to them, and the slower track ‘It’s Your Time’ even managed to elicit a lone lighter held aloft in the crowd. ‘Downed’ and their new song yet to be recorded ‘Hurt’, both had great melodies as the vocals soared over them and the cover ‘Slither’ by Velvet Revolver brought Slash type moves during this song which was a great version of it. Ending with their final song ‘All Things Change’, Into Dawn had played an excellent set and are one of those bands to catch live in the future.

Saints Of Sin were back at The Joiners and this was a high energy set from the very beginning. Taking to the stage whilst playing their guitars, the crowd erupted in delight as singer Rui joined them on the stage. Whilst comparisons are always going to be made to other bands, this classic rock with a touch of glam and with an 80’s twist was very much made their own by the band. Getting the crowd to join in with them from the very first song, their massive sounding tracks such as ‘One Last Time’ was full on in your face great sounding rock as the band played their popular tunes to a crowd determined to rock out to the band. As the band head banged in unison to the opening riffs of ‘Animal’ with its high-octane riff-drenched rock, this was an electrifying set from them and you couldn’t help but be impressed at the energy the band had. With the crowd singing along to every song and shouts of “hey” throughout ‘Judgement Day’, this was a set that was going down a storm with everyone there. With excellent guitar sounding solo’s, a heavy rhythm throughout and the vocals sounding on brilliant form, the interaction from the crowd was one of delight as both the band and everyone else there bounced along to many of the songs like Tigger on acid. It was wild, it was loud and most of all this was a hugely entertaining set from them. With the words “fun, fun, fun” being sung during one of the songs, this was exactly what the evening was as Saints Of Sin and the crowd were both clearly enjoying this set of high-powered rock. With all their songs full of it catchy hooks and a deep set rhythm, it was a set packed with big sounding anthems as heads banged along to it, and wanting the crowd “to go mental” through ‘On Top Of My World’, they definitely did what was asked of them as the very catchy chorus sounded massive in the venue. With The Joiners getting hotter by the minute, the band stripping off got more than a few younger female members of the crowd seemingly a little bit more excited at this point. Slowing things down for ‘Goodbye’ and getting the crowd to get a little bit more friendly with each other, which they hoped “got the juices flowing a bit” it was back to more of the excellent fast paced rock from them. Telling the crowd “how they love being At The Joiners as you are always amazing”, the cover of The Darkness track ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ was sung so much better than the original and continuing the theme of Slash covers for the evening ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ had the entire place singing along louder than the band at times. With their brand new song ‘Going Down’ proving to be a hit with everyone there that they may keep it, the set was running through song after song at a 100 miles an hour with its breathing taking pace as the dual sounding guitars reverberated around the room.

With the crowd shouting out “Saints Of Sin” within seconds of them ending their set, it was back to the stage for more of their excellent sounding songs, with a cover of Journey’s ‘Anyway You Want It’ bringing with it a game for some of the crowd to win merchandise from the band, and this wild night of partying continued. Their final song ‘Burn The Clubs Down’ with its immense sounding guitar riffs brought the house down as both the band and the crowd went mad during the final chorus, ending what had been an amazing live performance from Saints Of Sin. Their Sinnerversary show had been a resounding success, let’s hope there are many more milestones celebrated by this band at the venue, as it had been another night of brilliant rock there.