London based 5 piece Loose Fruit Museum are set to release a new album ‘In The Room’ on 23rd March, via Ciao Ketchup Recordings. This follows on from their ‘thank god we’re here’ album released in 2011.

LFM will also be releasing a double A-side single on 9th March and ‘Somersaults’ will be one of the singles released. The band have also released a video, directed by Benny Trickett who has collaborated with artists such as Pink Floyd, Kings Of Leon and The Who.

Conal Cunningham (Vocals/Guitar), Ali Hakimi (Guitar), Everton Allayne (Bass), Phil Burness (Keys) and Tony Snagg (Drums/Vocals) are an alt-rock band, whose influences are taken from both sides of the Atlantic to produce an excellent dual guitar sound, along with poignant vocals, riotous beats and a prominent keyboard sound.

The band are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/loosefruitmuseum and Twitter @lfmrocks
Their bandcamp page is https://loosefruitmuseum.bandcamp.com/
The website for Ciao Ketchup Recordings is http://www.ciaoketchuprecordings.com