“We are Galvarino. No frills. No apologies. Swords blazing.” was the introduction from them. They also said to “shove this in your ears and smoke it.” We tend to a bit more reserved over this side of the pond so we just had a listen instead.

Los Angeles based 3 piece Galvarino are a band that is all about the rock and roll, and Grady Righthand (Guitar/ Lead Vocals), Dusty Black (Bass) and Jack Dunn (Drums) have released 2 songs under the aptly titled ‘Double’ tag, ‘Carnelian Red’ and ‘Hit Song’.

‘Carnelian Red’ has a catchy beat throughout with guitars that have some fuzz to them as well as a thumping rhythm to it. With a vocal that rises through the track and full of harmonies in the chorus, this is a great introduction to the band. ‘Hit Song’ has a heavier vibe to it, with a dirty sounding bass line and a guitar that melodically rises through the track, and along with edgy vocals that complement the heavy riff, the sound is one that grinds its way through the entire song.

Galvarino may be no frills but the 2 released songs so far show that the band know how to produce excellent sounding music and ‘Hit Song’ could certainly be just that, especially with the infectious sound that particular track has.

The band are also currently in the studio recording their debut album that was funded via fans and is due for release sometime over the next couple of months.

The website for Galvarino is They are on Facebook and Twitter @galvarinomusic