Western Sand

Bournemouth based Western Sand have just released their follow up EP ‘Cut You Down To Size’ and brings with it a stellar five tracks of that southern tinged dirty sounding rock this four piece of Tyler Hains, Jimmy Bradshaw , Findlay Hotchkiss and Nathan J. Kay do so well.

Opening with ‘Dark Horse’ the killer riffs explode into the track with a gritty rhythm before the gravelly vocals rise above lucious sounding guitars. Its heavy but there is also an infectious groove to the track that means you just have to turn it up to appreciate how great it sounds. Add in the great harmonies on the chorus and this is a monster of an opening track. ‘Black Water Resolution’ has powerful vocals from the outset before more of those rich and heavy riffs back up an addictive and anthemic sounding chorus. With a touch of cowbell on this track as well it pretty much has it all. ‘Doin’ Me Wrong’ starts with pounding drums before a slower sounding soaring riff opens to gritty vocals. Taking the southern sound up a notch more its dual riffs course through the mid-section of the song before an epic sounding solo guitar resonates through the track in true southern style.

Title track ‘Cut You Down To Size’ has a sleek sounding bass line with the heavy riffs picking up the tempo and more of those melodic vocals, with great harmonies backing up a strong sounding chorus. Fast paced, the thumping drums are sounding thunderous on this track and combine it with a dirty guitar riff, it continues that heavy riff based rock. The final track ‘Carry Me Home’ starts with a softer sound, outstanding harmonies over a delicate southern riff, before a stomping groove runs through the first section of track. Then a wall of sound blasts out with more of those monster riffs ending what has been five tracks of some of the best sounding hard southern rock heard in a long time.

With an epic sounding second EP from Western Sand this is a band that can only go onto better things.

The website for the band is http://www.westernsand.co.uk/ They are on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/westernsand and Twitter @WesternSand_UK

Track Listing:

Dark Horse
Black Water Resolution
Doin’ Me Wrong
Cut You Down to Size
Carry Me Home