Kodiak Jack


On Saturday Portsmouth had a charity event hosted by Ready To Rock School in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society. The show under the title of Rock Originals had four bands on the line-up tonight, each different but all of them featuring great rock music.

First to perform were Reach Out Till Dawn. Although young in years there was nothing inexperienced about this band. Starting off with 2 rock songs to get the crowd immediately interested, before switching to 2 acoustic songs, the vocals of Laura Forbes strong over the gentle acoustic guitar. Then it was back to rock again which is something this band do very well. With catchy songs and sounding great together as a band, Reach Out Till Dawn will certainly be ones to watch in the future.

Lip Service almost ooze 80’s rock. Looking every bit the part it was more than a nod to when it was big hair and big songs but they certainly weren’t stuck in the era. Rock anthems which sounded like a modern AC/DC in places, this was a band who were here to entertain the crowd and they certainly did. Barely pausing for a break, Lip Service played a set of very entertaining classic rock.

Mark Thompson-Smith owner of Ready To Rock School has years of experience performing and it certainly showed tonight. A mesmerising front man and years of being in bands such as Idol Rich, Praying Mantis, The Sweet and now Big Life meant this was a brilliant performance from him with older songs still sounding current and a set full smooth rock vocals over great guitars riffs. A big thank you has to go out to him for putting together such a great night of rock.

Kodiak Jack were the headline act for tonight and for me the perfect end to a night of rock. Having seen them 3 times now in a couple of months, this is a band that knows how to put on a great rock show as they always play such a brilliant set. Starting off with ‘Get Out Alive’ with its stomping sound it was then a non-stop set of their songs including ‘Brother’, ‘LaRue’ and ‘Them’. Kodiak Jack are the masters of huge riffs, a monstrous rhythm section, epic rock vocals and song after song was just some of the best rock you can ever hear live.

Featuring new songs such as ‘D.O.A’ and ‘Fall From Grace’ which hopefully will make it onto the next album, the crowd were treated to an electrifying set. ‘Wasted Youth’, ‘More Than This’ and ‘No Surrender’ all being songs that are just perfect for a live performance and sounding every bit as good as the album versions, something that doesn’t always happen when it’s live. ‘Waves’ has to have one of the greatest guitar riffs ever played on a song and live it just blows you away. Finishing the set with ‘Coming Home’ Kodiak Jack were the only band that could have headlined this event. An unplanned encore of ‘Crossfire’ was the final closing song as the crowd still wanted more. Kodiak Jack were certainly the rock originals tonight, ending a great night of rock music.