The Treatment

Cambridge based band The Treatment have achieved a lot since they were formed in 2008. Not only have they released 2 albums This Might Hurt in 2011 and Running With The Dogs in 2014, they have also toured with rock gods such as Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, Slash, Kiss and Mötley Crue to name but a few, a pretty impressive rock pedigree for a band that started out so young.

This 5 piece band of members Matt Jones (Vocals), Dee Dammers (Guitar), Tagore Grey (Guitar), Rick ‘Swoggle’ Newman (Bass) and Dhani Mansworth (Drums) to me are born out of a mixture of rock influences. Listening to both of their albums there is definitely a nod to the retro sound of those great 80’s rock bands in some of the songs before showing that they are up there along other contemporary bands that have been a major part in the resurgence of modern rock music in recent years but also have their own unique style.

What impresses me as well as their infectious sound of rock is this is a band that has produced two excellent albums full of great songs and not just in the standard 10 tracks and they are done. Both albums feature enough tracks for it to be what I consider to be full length albums with more than enough variance on both albums to keep the listener more than interested.

This Might Hurt probably features more of an old school rock sound out of the two albums but this is certainly no bad thing as far as I am concerned. Classic rock with a thumping rhythm section, tasty riffs and epic solos are mixed with great rock vocals. A slightly American sound at times you can see why this band has attracted the attention of the American rock icons as it fits in perfectly with their sound. The album features rock anthems, to power ballads, fast paced, melodic, for a debut album it is incredibly strong in terms of both lyrics and music and it goes to prove just how talented The Treatment are.

With their follow up album Running With The Dogs released earlier this year the band have only improved on an already honed sound, starting exactly how they mean to go on from the very first song from the album. This album has louder guitars, tighter rhythm and even bigger rock vocals and although the debut album was great, this album shows that the band haven’t just followed on from there and have grown musically in the intervening years between the albums. Fortunately they haven’t completely reinvented themselves as some bands can do especially on a second album, which I sometimes struggle to like due to such a difference, but The Treatment have just taken what they do best which is great rock music and found a way to improve on it. Featuring the much played single Running With The Dogs that was picked up by a lot of radio stations, all 13 songs have everything you expect from a rock band. Like the first album there is a mixture of styles across the songs and that is what has really grabbed my attention on both albums, as well as every song they have added sounds more than pretty damn good.

In order to ensure that more fans have a chance to catch them live, the band are about to embark on The Second Bite Tour in October in both the UK and Europe, which is definitely not a tour to miss out on. Playing most of the major towns in the UK this is no small tour in just the big cities and with Buffalo Summer and Massive as support, I have this tour as one of my favourites gigs of the year before it has even begun as it is just going to be an incredible night of rock music with all three bands on the same night. Dates of their tour can be found here

For further details of The Treatment they can be found on Facebook and Twitter @TheTreatmentUK. Their albums can be found on iTunes and Amazon and you can also listen to both albums on Spotify as well as their latest single The Outlaw, which I totally recommend. Make sure you also book tickets for their upcoming tour next month as it is going to be one of the most talked about gigs of the year and you are not going to want to miss out on that, now are you?