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Buck & Evans Release Classic Rock Song

Buck & Evans

South wales Buck & Evans new single ‘Slow Train’ has premiered on the Classic Rock Magazine website.
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Rett Smith Stikes It Lucky With New EP

Rett Smith

New York based blues artist Rett Smith is set to release debut EP ‘Tularosa’ on September 18 via Inkind Music/RED.
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Wake The Sun Rise With Debut EP

Wake The Sun

Long Island, NY-based blues-rock group Wake The Sun have released their debut self-titled EP.
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John J Presley Shares His Superstitions

John J Presley

Having recently released his debut EP ‘White Ink’, John J. Presley has revealed a new music video for ‘Sweet Superstition’.
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Well Hung Heart Make You Love Rock

Well Hung Heart

California based Well Hung Heart have just released their latest self-titled 5 track EP.
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Moondog Matinee Have A Whole Lotta Rosie

Moondog Matinee

Reno-based soul/blues-infused rock quintet Moondog Matinee will be releasing their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Carry Me, Rosie’ on August 25.
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Jimi Charles Moody Is The Man

Jimi Charles Moody

Jimi Charles Moody is one of those singers who has a sound that can send chills up your spine and with his latest release ‘The Woman’, he has certainly done that.
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The Royal Ruckus Release ‘Let Me Tell You’

The Royal Ruckus

Swedish rock band The Royal Ruckus have released a new video for their single ‘Let Me Tell You’.
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THE DAVID J EDGAR HOOVERS Release Magical Debut Album


Bristol hard rockers THE DAVID J EDGAR HOOVERS are set to release their eponymous debut album through Ko-Lab Recordings on 4th September.
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