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The Electric Circus Have A Better Way

The Electric Circus

Minnesota based The Electric Circus have released their self-titled EP ‘The Electric Circus 1’ which is influenced by the psychedelic sounds of the 60’s but also has more modern influences as well.
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The Cave Children Dwell Upon Debut Album

The Cave Children

The Cave Children have released their debut album ‘Quasiland’ via Inner Ear Records.
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Reversed Nature Are No Longer In Limbo With Album

Reversed Nature

Athens, Greece based Reversed Nature released their latest album ‘Into The Limbo’ late 2014, which is a follow up to their previous releases ‘Nature Reversed’ and ‘Junkie for a Guide’. Describing themselves as psychedelic Kraut rock, the tracks are atmospheric with haunting vocals over a myriad of styles.
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Bronx Cheerleader Release A Killer Single

Bronx Cheerleader

Canadian 4 piece Bronx Cheerleader have just released their latest single ‘Mad Sam Is Dead’ which follows on from their last release ‘Get Out Your Guns’ back in the summer of 2012.
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Aether Beach Release 6 Track EP

Aether Beach

Australian band Aether Beach have just released their self-titled 6 track EP. The 6 piece band featuring Benjamin (Vocals, Rhodes, Synth), Chloe (Vocals, Sitar, Percussion) Toby (Guitar), Bec (Bass, Backing Vocals), Matt (Drums, Samples) and Woody (Guitar, Lap Steel, Trumpet, Backing Vocals) describe themselves as playing psychedelic rock and cosmic blues. The EP is full of harmonious melodies and the range of instruments played make it an almost calming sounding record.
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