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The Smokin’ Prophets

The Smokin’ Prophets, Live At Talking Heads, Southampton

The Smokin Prophets


When most people have a birthday it’s usually celebrated with friends and family, when the lead singer of The Smokin’ Prophets has a birthday, they organise a headline show. There may not have been cake but there was plenty of brilliant of rock and roll.
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The Smokin’ Prophets Launch Album Pledge Campaign

The Smokin' Prophets

Southampton based The Smokin’ Prophets have announced plans to record their debut album ‘Deceived Diseased’ that is due for release in October. The album is to be funded via PledgeMusic and as well as a stack of exclusive items, pledgers will be able to hear the album a full month in advance via download, along with exclusive studio updates from the band throughout the recording process.
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