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Rival State

Rival State Return With New Video


New Zealand/London rock band Rival State have returned to the music scene with a new singer and a new single ‘Impulses’. Continue reading “Rival State Return With New Video”

Rival State Live At The Black Heart, London

Rival State


When Rival State relocated from New Zealand to London this year, The Black Heart in Camden was the very first venue they played at and so it was a return to the venue for the band to kick off their ‘Youth Tax’ EP UK Tour last night.
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Featured Band: Rival State

Rival state

Although originally from New Zealand, Rival State this year upped sticks and moved to London in order to seek more opportunities. Not that New Zealand is in the back of beyond but the UK has some of the best rock in the world and is also a handy little Island for exporting that rock into Europe and a far bigger audience.
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