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Become Addicted To The Night Café

The Night Cafe

Liverpool based The Night Café have released their song ‘Addicted’.
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The Vryll Society Release Debut EP

The Vryll Society

Liverpool based psychedelic indie rockers The Vryll Society will be releasing their debut 4 track EP ‘Pangea’ via Deltasonic Records on 26th October.
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Jealous Michael Burn Bright With Single Release

Jealous Michael

South Coast based Jealous Michael will be releasing their new single ‘Burning Gold’ on 19th October.
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The Sherlocks Go For Gold

The Sherlocks

The Sherlocks have released a video for their new single ‘Heart Of Gold’, which is out on 6th November via Blue Records.
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The Nosuns Release New Album On Cassette

The Nosuns

Aberdeen based The Nosuns have released their 11 track album ‘The Third Line’ on cassette via brand new NY label Reel Taped.
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The Virgance Release Ideal Album

The Virgance

UK shoegazer The Virgance has released ‘Paradigm 3’, his third LP in a little over 18 months, on the El Vals del Conejo label.
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Allusondrugs Go Weird On Us


Allusondrugs will release a new EP titled ‘Am I Weird?’ on Friday 23rd October.
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Cat Bear Tree Settle In With New EP

Cat Bear Tree

London’s candid indie-punk grrrls Cat Bear Tree will be releasing their new EP, ‘Settled In Our Hearts’, on all digital formats on Friday 23 October.
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Youthless Grow Up With New Single


Indie-pioneers Youthless have released their new track ‘Golden Spoon’.
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