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BlackWolf Sow The Seeds For Second Album


Rising stars of the British rock scene, Blackwolf have announced they’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic for their second album, the follow up to 2014’s debut ‘The Hunt’, which was an excellent album and a must have for any music collection.
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BlackWolf, Wreckage Of Society, Empire Of Fools, Live At The Exchange, Bristol

Black Wolf


BlackWolf were back headlining a home town show and it was a packed venue that saw them on excellent form. With howls from the crowd, and the temperature rapidly rising, it was a blistering set from them.
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BlackWolf, Fire Red Empress Live At The Exchange, Bristol


When BlackWolf announced they were doing a small tour and Fire Red Empress were supporting them, I knew that I had to catch them on one of their dates around the country. Unable to make either Oxford or London this left just Bristol as the only chance to catch them live, even though it was the furthest away of all their dates in the south of the country. Being at The Exchange it also meant I didn’t have to find my way around much of Bristol, a city I haven’t visited for almost 30 years and even though it was a 250 mile trip, it was certainly worth it to see both bands play live.
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Time To Hunt Down BlackWolf


I always listen to The New Rock Show on Planet Rock as Wyatt Wendels features 5 new artists each Saturday that are not heard during the day and it is an excellent opportunity to listen to some great bands that are probably new to many of those that tune into the show. So when Wyatt played the BlackWolf single Moving Mountains a couple of weeks ago, I really liked how they sounded and I wanted to hear more of them.
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